Latest news: January 2014

Reopening of the sponsorship program for parents and grand-parents

Canada is now accepting applications to sponsor parents and grand-parents since January 2nd, 2014. More stringent admissibility criterions are in place namely as regards the financial capacity of the persons intending to sponsor their parents or grand-parents. Furthermore, the financial liability is extended from 10 years to 20 years. For the year 2014, Canada is expected to process some 5000 applications. The program was closed in November 2011 to allow the processing of applications in the pipeline as processing times were out of control. New processing times are unknown for the moment but are expected to be shorter.

Persons living in Quebec and intending to sponsor parents or grand-parents will need to meet the financial criterions set by the province.

Dependent child: from 21 to 18 years

A draft regulation published in 2013 has indicated the intent to reduce the age of the dependent child from 21 years it is now, to 18 years. Upon the coming into force of the regulation, children of no more than 18 years will be able to be included in applications to be made by parents as of that moment. The coming into force is yet to be published but is expected in the coming months.

Transferee of Leonard Simcoe’s office

In the course of December 2013, Mr. Simcoe ceased his activities as lawyer. Unable to represent clients anymore, all Mr. Simcoe’s files were transferred to Me Hugues Langlais. Clients of Mr. Simcoe will be contacted to reconfirm the representation mandate in the follow up of files.