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From that moment on and to this day, the firm cares about offering a professional, competent, and quality legal service for all types of applications to the Canadian and Quebec administrations, with the constant concern of obtaining the privilege sought. The client is at the center of the firm’s concerns, to the benefit of whom the work is performed and who will benefit from it in the short, medium, or long term. Every effort is made to understand the exact situation of the client in order to represent him/her judiciously and adequately before the authorities.



Proficiency is based on information and training. The firm ensures the regular training of its staff in relation to immigration and citizenship. We regularly monitor the legal news in our area of expertise. In addition, an understanding of societal issues related to immigration or citizenship in Canada is of great importance to the delivery of our services. As a result, we regularly participate in government reflections on social issues in our area of expertise.



The firm regularly acts to hire temporary foreign workers. For those applications, we are deepening the various international labor mobility agreements to allow temporary foreign workers to come to Canada without resorting as much as possible to the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), except when required. We handle temporary immigration applications for visitors and students.


Since its inception, the firm has been active in the field of permanent immigration for business people (investors, entrepreneurs and the self-employed) and skilled workers. Lastly, he regularly acts in sponsorship applications for family members and humanitarian-type applications before administrative and judicial bodies.


A file will only be sent out with the almost certainty that it will carry the positive decision of the decision maker. We will team up with the applicant to get them to reflect on the issues in order to get all the necessary elements to obtain the privilege sought. In humanitarian files, we will try to make the rock who will read us cry.


Inadmissibility because of health or criminality grounds of those included in the immigration application can put a halt on an immigration project. We will see to detect those problems beforehand and see to propose concrete solutions to counter them if any.


Finally, challenging of decisions is not the answer to everything, but legal or administrative challenges are sometimes required to rectify the mistakes made by the Administrations in some of the decisions rendered.


When these situations arise, every effort is made to allow successful challenges.