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Cannabis and permanent resident status

Few countries have legalized cannabis.  They include the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Jamaica, Italy, Spain, North Korea, and Portugal. There are also some states in the United States that have legalized it. In Canada? In Canada, the bill legalizing cannabis (marijuana) for adults (18+ years of age) have been passed in October 2018.  However, this freedom is accompanied by regulations, including not being in possession of more than 30g.  One cannot enter or leave the country in possession of cannabis.  The rules are also very strict regarding driving while impaired by use. If you commit a cannabis offense or are found guilty of...

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I am a permanent resident, can I lose my status?

Can I lose my status as a permanent resident? Your permanent resident status is not a lifetime guarantee. Nor is it compensation for any act that violates your conditions of residence in Canada. The reasons There are several valid reasons for losing permanent resident status: Non-compliance with the residency obligation, i.e., not being in Canada for 730 days in each five-year period; False or misleading representations made orally or in writing in any application for permanent residence; Inadmissibility, having been convicted of crimes committed in Canada or abroad; Issuance of a removal order, forcing departure from Canada The crime Permanent residents who have committed...

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Becoming a Canadian permanent resident

Canadian permanent resident status is granted to a foreign national who has been granted permanent residence following an immigration application and border crossing. Permanent resident status confers rights and privileges in Canada. The person who holds this status remains a citizen of his or her home country. He or she can become a Canadian citizen after living in Canada. A permanent resident (PR) is, therefore, a citizen of another country. It is important to understand that anyone who is in Canada with temporary status as a visitor, worker, or student is not a permanent resident. Thus, a refugee living in a...

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Dire merci aux travailleurs de première ligne

La Presse

Dire merci aux travailleurs de première ligne, article paru dans La Presse le 25 juillet dernier. Le message du premier ministre François Legault était pourtant clair le 25 mai dernier ! Les gouvernements fédéral et provincial voulaient démontrer leur reconnaissance à l’égard des personnes en attente de régularisation de leur statut migratoire et ayant travaillé sans relâche sur la ligne de front pendant la pandémie. Me. Hugues Langlais fait parti de nombreux signataire de ce document. En ayant répondu à l’appel, ces dernières ont déjà prouvé qu’elles peuvent contribuer de manière positive à notre société et que nous serions les véritables perdants de...

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Top 3 Reasons to Study in Canada

There are many reasons why it is good to come to and study in Canada. The web is full of equally different and important reasons. Whichever ones you find most appealing, three stand out the most. First is the connection to quality education and global recognition. The second relates to the prospects for future employment. The third is for its multilingualism. Nevertheless, the affordability of school tuition fees, quality of life, cultural diversity, hospitality, and security cannot be ignored. Reasons for Studying in Canada The reasons most noticed are those related to the quality of the education provided in Canada. This goes...

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Canada, best country in the world to study?

From elementary school to university, Canada consistently ranks among the best countries in the world, if it's not THE best country. Studying in Canada is internationally recognized. Meeting some of the world's brightest teachers and academics will enrich you. Canada is also known for its affordable university tuition fees. Its quality of life also ranks it well among the best countries in the world. What do you need to study in Canada? In order to study in Canada, all students must obtain a student authorization. A document issued by the Canadian government allowing a student to study at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)...

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My application for an eTA was refused- How did this happen?

Yes, it is possible to be refused an eTA. If your eTA was refused, you will receive a response, usually within 24 hours. It should be noted that all foreign nationals exempt from the Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) requirement are required to apply for an eTA. U.S. citizens do not require one as they are exempt. The eTA is included in the application for a work or study permit for those who apply. The eTA is used to fly to Canada. This requirement does not apply to permanent residents with a Permanent Resident Card. The presentation of the card is required...

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Do you need an eTA or a VISA to visit Canada?

Do you plan to get on a plane to visit Canada?  Will you need an ETA or a Visa? Be aware that travelers need a valid passport and an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) or a Transit visa to transit through a Canadian airport. What is an eTA? If the goal is to enter Canada (once or many times), you need an eTA, required for foreigners living in visa-exempt countries who wish to fly to Canada. An eTA is an electronic document linked to your passport. It is valid for five years, or until the expiry date of your passport. An eTA costs 7$ CAN...

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COVID-19: Canada closes its border to foreigners

covid-19 measures affecting our clients

Prime Minister Trudeau announced yesterday, March 16, a set of measures regarding COVID-19 in Canada, affecting our clients. We believed these to be of interest to you. Hence this urgent message. Based on recent developments regarding COVID-19, rest assured that we are monitoring closely the developments and measures adopted by the various authorities in order to act diligently in your files, should this be needed. COVID-19 measures affecting our clients Here are the measures are taken by the federal government this day in response to the situation. Only Canadian citizens, permanents residents, crew members, diplomats, and Canadian family members are to be authorized...

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Les rêves brisés de travailleurs étrangers temporaires

Ici Radio-Canada

Des travailleurs étrangers temporaires, recrutés par des entreprises québécoises, se retrouvent parfois sans emploi. Malgré de forts besoins, ils sont dans l’impasse, à cause de rigides règles fédérales. ICI Radio-Canada Info le 18 février, Romain Schué, Jean-Philippe Robillard et Daniel Boily de ICI Radio-Canada Info interviewaient Me. Hugues Langlais au sujet des travailleurs étrangers temporaires, privés d'emploi malgré d'importants besoins. Les règles entourant ce programme et ce visa de travail sont très strictes. Durant la durée du permis, généralement de deux à trois ans, l’employé est gelé avec son employeur pour la durée du contrat convenu, explique l’avocat en immigration, Hugues Langlais. Dans les faits,...

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