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Le parrainage: pour le meilleur et pour le pire

Conférence prononcée à l'invitation du Monde féminin arabe (Montréal), juin 2012 Mise à jour le 12 avril 2018 En 1996, j’ai été soufflé par une nouvelle : une dame et trois des cinq enfants du couple sont tués à Longueuil. Je connaissais la dame, elle m’avait consulté avant le drame. Je ne peux pas vous livrer la nature de nos discussions. Elle aura emporté son secret avec elle - l’avocat étant tenu à la plus stricte confidentialité des confidences qui lui sont faites. Le mari et père des enfants, monsieur El Tomi, a été condamné à la prison à vie! On n’avait pas évoqué alors le...

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Sponsorship and DNA testing

Lecture, McGill Gis Workshop on DNA Testing and Family Sponsorship, April 30th 2015 Updated February 2018 1. General overview Family reunification is one of the key goals of the Canadian immigration system and takes up a significant portion of all immigration. In 2013, family reunification made up 23.9% of all new permanent residents in Québec, and 30.77% Canada.  In terms of general procedure, family reunification is realized through sponsorship: a qualified person sponsors an eligible and admissible family member for a given period of time, which allows this family member to become a permanent resident. To quote the Supreme Court: «Family reunification is based...

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Immigration lawyer or Consultant? Which one to choose?

In our professional practice, we are often asked what is the difference between immigration lawyers and immigration consultants. Two types of professionals are authorized to represent for fees, individuals before the Canadian immigration and citizenship authorities: 1. immigration lawyers, who are regulated by a provincial bar association (in Quebec, for example, the Barreau du Québec) and 2. immigration consultants, who are accredited by a private national organization, the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). Immigration consultants, in order to practice in Quebec, must also be registered in the Quebec Register of Immigration Consultants. The Canadian government considers these two types of...

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How to make use of your studies in Canada

Following an information session that we gave at the University of Sherbrooke as part of the Intercultural Encounters Week in Quebec, we noted the avid interest of young professionals, who will soon graduate, to pursue their immigration project to Canada, whether as a student, worker or as a permanent resident. Thus, because of their interesting profiles for employers and the various provinces of Canada, several programs are available to them and will allow them to make the most of their studies in Canada. Post-graduation work permit The post-graduation work permit program is one of the many programs offered. This program is for newly...

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WTO rules and the business immigration (Port-au-Prince, Haiti, January 2014)

entrevue vidéo

SUN, FUN, DISCOVERY AND FORMATION HAITI IS WAITING FOR YOU! [slideshare id=30818036&doc=omcetimmigrationdaffaires-140204152203-phpapp01] WTO rules and the business immigration from Hugues Langlais Law Firm Discover the capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince, and the beach on the coast of Acardins, which has nothing to envy to other sun beach destinations. Participants in this one-week stay, in addition to discovering the beautiful attractions of Haiti, will have a chance to interact with Haitian lawyers to familiarize themselves with the legal regime in Haiti and deepen their knowledge in areas of exciting legal fields . Hugues Langlais will give a three hour training session on WTO rules and business immigration. For more...

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Montreal Bar “Quebec Europe arbitration, courts and governance” activity

The ”Québec -Europe business arbitration, courts and governance” activity took place on October 25. European and Quebec renowned speakers have come together for a unique conference on key topics in the good practice of business law. From the perspective of comparative law, the first conference organized by the International Development Committee of the Bar of Montreal was an event of great quality. Welcome address by Xavier Van Overmeire (Dentons) Arbitration: recent developments and their practical Marc Dal (secretary of the Brussels Bar). Professor Babak Barin (University of Sherbrooke). Mr. Luc Deshaies (Gowlings) will act as moderator of this panel. The...

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The Bar of Montreal extends its influence in Brazil through Mr. Hugues Langlais

An agreement of friendship and cooperation between the Belo Horizonte Bar and the Bar of Montreal. Hugues Langlais, president of the Committee on International Relations, represented the Bar of Montreal at the signing of the cooperation agreement reached as part of the 11th Brazilian Congress of International Law organized by the Law Society of Belo Horizonte in Brazil. The latter, in addition to participate in a swearing-in ceremony for new lawyers, made ​​a statement on the organization of the Quebec courts and ethics within the industry. Brazilian lawyers to the Bar of Belo Horizonte showed great interest in our civil law...

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