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Application for pre-assessment questionnaire and appointment

Taking appointments

Contacting Hugues Langlais Law Firm to make an appointment is free of charge. However, we draw your attention to the fact that unless you have a file currently opened with the Firm, any information request other than one relating to the taking of an appointment is a request for a legal consultation with a member of the Barreau du Québec and thus it incurs legal fees.


If you take an appointment with Hugues Langlais Law Firm, please take note that a consultation fee will be payable at the first meeting/consultation. Whether you contact us by phone, fax or email, we will tell you first our fees before confirming an appointment with you. Once the meeting/consultation is confirmed, the fee becomes due and is payable. To learn more about our fees please refer to the section “Our fees below.”


Pre-assessment questionnaire

The sending of the filled pre-assessment questionnaire is a request for legal advice from a lawyer member of the Quebec Bar.


This consultation includes the analysis of the information provided in the questionnaire based on the applicable laws and the submission of a written legal opinion. In our response, we will inform you about the immigration category corresponding to the information provided, the approximate processing times by the authorities, the various steps and requirements as well as the immigration costs payable to the government and our fees. An invoice will accompany our response and proof of payment.


The analysis of the answers to the questionnaire is subject to a nominal fee of $ 200CAD, all taxes included, is payable by way of an advance payment on VISA or MasterCard, via Moneris online payment or via Western Union.



Our services are charged on an hourly rate based on our experience in this type of service over several years. We will tell you from the start of how our work will cost or we will give you an honest estimate of the foreseeable costs. We will notify you of the fees, costs, and expenses for the duration of our mandate. A professional fee agreement will confirm our discussions.