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  • Are you looking for foreign workers as skilled labor?
  • You have found a skilled person to take over the position you have advertised who happens to be a foreigner in need of a work permit.
  • Do you wish to hire this foreign national?
  • This person is a perfect fit to fill your labor shortage?
  • But, you have no experience in hiring foreign workers?


Entrust your hiring project to our qualified professionals!

Your project is a priority for our team of immigration lawyers who are not only experienced legal professionals but first and foremost humans with personal and professional integrity. We strive to achieve tangible results with an empathic, honest, and understandable approach.

We analyze, support, and take charge of your hiring project to:

  • Assess the eligibility of your business;
  • Evaluate the eligibility of your applicant;
  • Determine if a work permit is required to complete your hiring project in the most efficient and reasonable manner;
  • Accompany you in all the legal steps related to obtaining a Labour Market Impact Assessment, Quebec temporary selection, temporary work permit for your candidate and his/her accompanying family, as well as renewal of their permits;
  • Accompany and take charge of the business compliance obligation process by the Canadian government under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program ;
  • Accompany and guide your foreign worker toward the permanent residence and Canadian citizenship processes.