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Some cases are complicated and it may take some time to get a decision. Some complex administrative procedures involved in obtaining a work permit, applying for residency, citizenship, getting into a court challenge, or other complex cases that require a thorough analysis can be an insurmountable barrier. Entering in a professional collaboration with us can make things easier.

With our deep understanding of legal procedures, our team will find an optimal and pragmatic solution for your application.

Entrust your application in all, or in part, to our qualified professionals!

Each member of our team has a thorough knowledge of the legal procedures to ascertain an in-depth understanding of your situation, in searching for an optimal and pragmatic solution to it.

You can count on our team:

  • Accustomed to the most complex projects and has worked in close professional collaboration with other lawyers in different legal fields to meet the varied needs of our clients  ;
  • Providing personalized professional services performed by experienced lawyers familiar with the requirements of complex government programs;
  • Aware of recent provincial and federal changes;
  • Under the guidance of a trainer, member in good standing of the Québec Bar for 29 years,  recognized by his peers and as the author of training manuals;
  • Ready to defend your interests before administrative and judicial tribunals, if and when necessary.

Not only do we listen empathically to your situation, but honesty is the core value of our professional values as lawyers: if we feel that your situation is doomed to fail, we will tell you.